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Comfort Keepers®: The #1 Senior Care Franchise Network from 2012-2020

Welcome To Comfort Keepers®

Comfort Keepers of Canada provides senior home care throughout Canada. With offices all over the country, Comfort Keepers provides home senior care to thousands of Canadians each year.

Providing elderly home care can be very draining and taxing on family care takers, especially children or grandchildren with full time jobs and families of their own. At Comfort Keepers we consider it our main goal to ease this stress on family members by providing quality senior home care. 

Comfort Keepers provides a wide range of senior home care services.

Our breadth of services includes companionship and personal care services, light housekeeping and meal preparation, to more specialized services for those with dementia and end of life needs.  We assist with transportation to and from doctor’s appointments, the grocery store, and the pharmacy. If more around the clock care is needed, Comfort Keepers does provide 24-hour or Live-In services.  For those, especially Veterans, we provide assistance with completing the necessary paper work for subsidized care. Comfort Keepers of Canada also has Vision Loss Services. We partnered with Canadian National Institute for the Blind to provide specially trained caregivers who help seniors and the elderly with vision loss,  helping to maintain their independence and remain in their homes.

Comfort Keepers of Canada’s Interactive Caregiving model.

We use a four pronged approach called Interactive Caregiving. This model of elderly home care helps increase seniors’ sense of well-being and independence by focusing on Senior Mind, Senior Body, Senior Nutrition, and Senior Safety. When a child or grandchild of an elderly or senior loved one approaches us, it is usually as a result of a fall, malnutrition,  or medication mis-management. By focusing on these four areas of mind, body, nutrition, and safety, we are addressing the main reasons a senior or elderly person needs home care in the first place. It is our goal to return your elderly loved one back to a more self sufficient self.

Comfort Keepers’ Nourish Senior Life Program®.

As part of the Senior Nutrition aspect of Interactive Caregiving, Comfort Keepers focuses  on senior diet and nutrition though the Nourish Senior Life Program®. The Nourish Senior Life Program® creates awareness towards the importance of a healthy diet for those 65 and older, and educates the public about malnutrition in seniors as well as providing screening for malnutrition. A proper diet helps seniors preserve their independence, and avoid at home care.

Comfort Keepers of Canada provides top notch care.

It is through our Interactive Caregiving approach and Nourish Senior Life Program® that Comfort Keepers of Canada provides top notch home care for seniors and the elderly.

For more information on Comfort Keepers of Canada, any of our programs, or to find an office near you, please contact us via our Local Office Finder, or on facebook, twitter, or Google+.

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